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A conversation with author Kim Hebert

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Last week, I had the privilege to sit down for a fruitful conversation with author Kim Hebert, who lives in Montreal, Canada. Kim is the author of In the Land of Boxes, her debut novel. This is the story of a young boy who is discovering what it means to be himself. According to Kim, the inspiration for this pertinent children book came from her son. “When he was a child, he was a daydreamer, a happy child, a curious child, and he had his boxes. He was in his own little world.” So, when he reached school age, he began to realize that society could push him in other boxes. And when he resented that, he was being bullied by his peers.

In this book, Kim teaches us the importance of letting our children be themselves with parental guidance, of course. Our role as parents is to make sure we teach our kids about the facts of life, the intricacies, the ups and downs, the complexities that are too difficult for them to discern.

Kim is also francophone like me, and we find common ground in Florida where she grew up until the age of 12. Consequently, multiculturalism plays a remarkable role in her life as a professional. In the Land of Boxes will not be her last conception, it is rather the first of what is shaping up to be a long writing career. Besides writing books for children, Kim is confident she will someday sit down to write her memoir. She shared that with me, and I can’t wait. Like me, Kim draws her motivation, in part, from our great writing community on Twitter.

In the Land of Boxes is available everywhere. To learn more about Kim’s literary works, you can visit her website.

You can also visit her Twitter page.

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