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A conversation with author Deidre Danklin

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Two weeks ago, I had the honor to sit down for an interesting conversation with novelist Deidre Danklin. She is the author of Catastrophe, a novella which was critically acclaimed. Deidre was the winner of the 2021 Clay Reynolds Novella prize for Catastrophe. I asked her how she felt when she learned that she was indeed the winner. “Amazing! I mean it was great,” she replied gleefully. “I did some research on novella prizes. You can potentially get published if you win one of the prizes. And I entered. But of course, as writers, you never expect to actually win. So, it was a great feeling to get that e-mail,” she added.

Deidre is not new in the literary world. She has worked for some impeccable literary magazines like the Pithead Chapel, The Chestnut Review, and Fractured Lit. So, she is an author who understands both the world of “acceptance” and that of “rejection” in this painstaking process of submission. She has a passion for magical realism, and she is a great fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez known as the godfather of this amazing literary genre. Catastrophe is set to be published next year by the Texas Review.

Deidre is also a flash fiction writer, and most of her works can be found on her website.

You can also visit her Twitter page.

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