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It’s been 7 days since a hunt was triggered to find the real killers behind the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moise. The assailants were found, but what ever happened to the people who financed the murder? Meanwhile, the late president’ political party PHTK is hard at work to retain power. It appears they may get their way. The opposition is divided, and the enemies of Haiti are arguably the ones pulling the string from behind. Yesterday, a new prime minister was installed—Ariel Henry, another Jovenel’s stooge. This happened after Henry received tacit endorsement from the so-called CORE group led by the United Sates. He will do what he is told as always in the past, as Haiti’s misery exacerbates. Haiti will be free when Haitians finally find the right formula drown from the country’s past glory. When that happens, no foreign interference will be tolerated. Until then, the suffering will continue.

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