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Writer Danielle Castano this week in “The Conversation”

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Last week, I had the opportunity to welcome young writer Danielle Castano to The Conversation. When I say “opportunity,” I do not use the word lightly. Danielle loves to travel, and consequently, it has not been easy to catch her. I was lucky. Her experiences being exposed to new cultures, meeting new people have created a profound impact on her. As you will see in the interview below, she has never been afraid in her adventurist journey. From Colombia, her ancestral land, to Brazil, to Aruba to Norway to Malta to Egypt to France, Danielle has visited them all, which has given her—at least in her subconsciousness—the essence, the wherewithal an educated person would need to understand our complex world. A writer certainly needs that passion to understand human behavior—a necessary component in literature.

Danielle Castano is a contributor to CSMS Magazine. In a piece she wrote last year, she drew the distinctions between Colombia and Brazil. “Despite these similarities between Brazil and Colombia, Brazil does fairly better in socio-economic equity. The socio-economic equity gap is among the worst in Latin America, but there are some countries that are leading by example. Chile and Brazil are leading by example in this category,” she observed.

Danielle has developed a passion for social justice. Perhaps her traveling may have contributed to her progressivism. Despite her passion for traveling, however, education is her top priority. She is a UNF (University of North Florida) graduate, and now, she is pursuing a post-graduate degree in International Relations. After graduation, she plans on moving to Washington where she hopes to secure a government position in her field of study. Danielle was born in New York from Colombian parents. She is well-versed in Spanish—a plus for the country.

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