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Writer Ardain Isma turns adventurer in eastern Canada

By Gyna Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Sometimes, even the writer has the right to go on vacations. That was precisely what writer Ardain Isma did last month. Taking his two sons with him, they flew out of Atlanta and they landed in Montreal, where they rented a car and started cruising the picturesque countryside of eastern Canada. They rode along both banks of the Saint Lawrence River, stopping at every  small communities chatting with the locals and taking the joy listening to the Canadian jargon, a slurred French unique  of its own.

On Highway 417 in Ontario, they were stunned to see how Francophone those small communities are, although they were in official Anglophone Canada. Vultures flew overhead just to take nosedives, going after their prey in the luxuriant meadows; and Ardain Jr positioned his camera just above the half-open car window to take some souvenir snapshots. On the east bank of the Ottawa River in Gatineau, Ardain and his sons met a group of Arcadians who serenaded them, weaving through folks songs of 200 hundred years ago.

Life is just the same anywhere in the world, whether in Canada, in France, in Germany, in The Bahamas etc…Everyone seems to be bogged down in an endless fight to gain absolute control of their daily living. More pictures can be found in our facebook fan page www.facebook.com.csmsmagazine

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