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Why? (Part1)

By Ardy I.

Special to CSMS Magazine

 You think a 13 year boy has noting to say about his life? Well, that’s completely wrong!!!!!!!!  Unless you had my life, the life of Goy, you may probably not have a clue. Ever since I was a little boy, people always made fun of me, calling me gay or nobody. It’s like people would ever understand me until I moved here. Here was the greatest mistake ever. Well, I used to live in Hawaii until my parents moved to Georgia, few years ago.

Everybody knows that must have been a big transfer. My dad moved to Georgia for some reasons I don’t know. I think he is a country boy. I’m not sure. Both of my parents are Bahamians. I wonder why they went to live in Hawaii in the first place. My dad is not in the navy, but he’s a doctor/professor.

My mom is a social worker. I forgot to tell you I’m the youngest in the family. It’s deeply sucks crap!!!!!!!! No one listens to you. My big brother bosses me around, and I just hate it, just hate it. Anyway, Georgia looks boring. You do nothing. It’s a bunch of trees. Here, it’s like a forest. I’m not trying to sound prejudice, but I have a class and I’m the only black person in the class. It makes me fell different.

People look at me like they’ve never seen a black person. I’m not sure you know how I feel. You would have to be in my shoes to really know how I feel, for having lived in an all white neighborhood. Then you have to be a black person going to an all white school (that is mostly republicans). People are so biased here. When Obama was elected president, I heard mean or even harsh things about him—like Obama is gay and he is just like Hitler. I’m like, why do people hate him. Well then again, almost all of them are republicans. But still that’s mean. He did nothing wrong to people.

Note: Ardy I. is a middle student who lives in southern Georgia. He wrote this piece especially for CSMS Magazine.

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