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By Ardain Isma Jr.Special to CSMS MagazineSo many children love going on vacation because it gives them time to be with other peers, because it gives them a chance to be even closer with family members, and because the kids don’t have to worry about school.         To begin with, vacations give children the time to be with themselves. It fit perfectly. While the kids are at school, they almost never have any time to have fun with their best friends. They are too busy doing homework or studying for an exam.  So once school lets out, and everybody can go home for summer vacation, the students have plenty of times to catch up on some things they have been wanting to do for themselves during the school year. For example, I remember one time when I was so busy during my school year. I had a lot of things I wanted to do for myself, but I just couldn’t do them. It wasn’t until summer vacation that I had found all the time I really needed to do the things that I really needed to accomplish.          In addition, vacations also give children a better chance to get closer to their family. Once on vacation, kids and their parents can go places like Disney World, Bush Gardens, Sea World etc… and have fun lots of fun. By having fun with your parents, you have a chance to talk about what’s going on in life. You have a chance to learn about the facts of life. Going on vacation gives children a chance to catch up on things they couldn’t do during the school year.         Furthermore, once it is summer time, kids don’t have to worry about school. Once it is about vacation, many children are very excited, for they are already know the type of clothes they are going to wear when they go to the beach. Fore example, I remember one time when it was the first day of summer; I was so happy that school was over. I felt a great relief because I didn’t have to worry about any school assignments, homework assignments, projects, or any other things like extra curricula activities that my dad always give to keep us focus on school.        Finally, in my opinion, kids love being on vacation to get away from stress, work, etc… Honestly that is how I feel and I am a kid myself. Kids love vacation because they get to go on and search for more adventure in there life.

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