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Who will be our new NBA Champ?

By Ardy Isma

Special to CSMS Magazine

Take your guess. Which team are you hoping to win in the NBA Finals: The Spurs or the Heat? Both teams claim they’re in it to win it. Prediction makes one feel like playing the lotto.   

The 2013 NBA Finals will start on Thursday. Game 1 will take place in Miami, FL. Many people believe the Heat will have a difficult time playing against the Spurs because the Heat had a hard time defeating the Indiana Pacers in the eastern conference finals.

This is the third time the Miami Heat is going to be in the finals and it’s the 5th time for the Spurs. If the conventional wisdom holds, one might think the Spurs will have it. Every time the Spurs reach the finals, they always win, such as in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007. If the Heat wins the championship, it will be the first time the Spurs would lose in a championship.   

But Miami is the team to beat, for it currently holds the NBA title. People are now comparing Lebron James to an all time NBA legend Michael Jordan, ever since Miami won the Eastern conference finals. The Spurs look like they have the upper hand since all of their key players are healthy, unlike the Heat in which Dwyane Wade—former MVP—is not 100 percent healthy. This is bad because the Heat is going to need all the help Wade could provide. This year’s NBA finals are expected to be very exciting, and it will be very hard—extremely hard—to predict the outcome.

Note: Ardy Isma is a sophomore at Nease High School, in Ponte Vedra, Florida. He wrote this peace exclusively for CSMS Magazine.

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