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What is your New Year’s resolution?

By Christine Jean-Pierre
CSMS Magazine
You may have yet not know, but certainly you have plenty. Whatever happened to the beautiful home, your dream home you wanted to purchase last year? Your modest car you promised yourself last year? Your tireless performance for your job promotion? Your dream vacation on a Caribbean cruise liner? They’re still here, and you have yet to realize any of them. The reasons? Because you were not being realistic. Unless you already have the logistic support, there are few strategic accomplishments an average person can honestly realize in just 12 months.

Experts say it’s okay to have dreams, but you need to zero in on the one you think you can definitely tackle successfully. With hard work and determination, you will be able to turn this one dream into a virtual reality. Then, you can switch your mind or redirect your attention to the next project. That way, you will never feel the sense of under-achievement. You will feel quite productive, and this brings positive attitude. So this year, when you make your list and checking it twice, pay close attention to your realistic goal. Don’t be a fool. Resolutions are not projected miracles. Set your battle where you think you can win!

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