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pensive 1By Gyna Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

That’s life itself that is the way it is. You must keep going whatever life seems to have in store for you. You’re beautiful but it’s the courage you are  lacking of. You need to get up every day to do your little morning exercise, take your little shower, your breakfast, and then resume your daily activities. You’re pretty; do you know this? You must learn to manage your daily life with a positive outlook awesomely displayed on your golden face. You’re the Creole woman whose sons of Haiti want to die at her feet.

Today is your day. Come to look out the window to take a glimpse at the crotons perched upon the hill. Look at the vultures on their first fly to go meeting the first warm rays of our tropical sun. Come Celine, come … .He is there, in the garden of anise between the guava trees on the left bank of the small ravine of hope. Celine, the time has finally come to meet the prince of the tropics who has always wanted to make of you his Caribbean queen.

NoteGyna Jean-Pierre is a creative writer. She is the author of several essays on women in the Caribbean. She lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

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