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Water in our environment

By Dandy Isma

 Special to CSMS MagazineThe water in our environment is very compelling to our nature. No one can survive on earth without. Even though we need it to live, people never really show how much love they have for our good friend h2o. A majority of the earth’s water is heavily polluted and need to be filtered. Over 95% of the earth’s water is salted. That leaves a little over 4% of fresh water. Now with that being said, we need to be a little more conservative with how we treat our ecosystem, because without it we cannot survive.                                                                 The first step we need to take in protecting our water is to make sure we don’t litter in the water. For example, we should not litter at the beach, such as dropping soda cans in the water or dumping off burger wrappings into the oceans. We also have to stop dropping deadly chemicals into the ocean as well as oils, acid, fluids, and even sodas. All of these can play a deadly factor into the destruction of our water system. Another good way to help clean up the water system is by setting up some kind of clean up team to go out and clean up the beaches and parks and other areas that are near water. That way, we can always have a weekly team around all neighborhoods to help keep the water secure. If we as a whole don’t start to do something soon for our water we will lose it forever,and that’s real.                                                                                                                                         In other countries and continents, such as in Asia it is illegal to dump hazardous chemicals into the water. Experts agree that most of the clean and purified water is over in Asia and in Europe as well. The sad part about it is that in America we are the cause of the majority of the polluted water because of all the chemical plants and chemical waste we have in the air and oceans.  If we are going to stop this now, then we need to take safety precautions or suffer for it later. If we wait too long, then the Earth might regurgitate into a baron wasteland similar to its cousin planet Mars, but we wouldn’t live to see it, for the consequences might result into an obliteration of our planet.            So, don’t be selfish. Think about our future generation. Let’s begin the global effort now by starting to act locally.Also see Can Physicians Protect You From Superbugs?                    Valuing Buildings Over Employee Health              America’s LossNote: Dandy Isma is a senior at Nease High School in Saint Augustine, Florida. He wrote this piece exclusively for CSMS Magazine.

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