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My soul protector, the one who always guides me

Even if I were blind, he would show me a way

Through all our past troubles and tribulations, dad

You’ve always shown me the true meaning of being a proud Haitian

My only dream is to be at least half the man you’ve grown to be

So someday I too can have the accolades and awards you have received

You’ve  shown me the true meaning of life                                         

You never told me “no”

You showed me to do things the best way I can                                                                

I love you daddy, there is no other way I can describe 

How deeply I feel or how deeply I look up to you, deep inside

In a sense you’re more than a father

You’re similar to a big brother

No man could ever take your place

There will never be another

Your love is ever lasting, similar to permanganate wine

You always put me in my place

Even if you had to wipe my behind

I know that’s funny, but I’m only being true

I only want you to see how deeply your son looks up to you

We’ve been through the worst times and the most unwelcomed disasters

But through the years we’ve learned to cry later

And enjoy the splendid laughter

As I get older, I only love you more and more

Ardain Isma Senior, the only man I could adore

I hope you enjoy my poem I just want you to know

 Dad, you are the definition of the perfect man I want to be

Ardain Isma Junior, June 22, 2009

Special to CSMS Magazine

Note: Ardain Isma Junior, a senior at Neash High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida, wrote this poem exclusively for his beloved dad, Ardain Isma Senior.

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