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The Magic Touch

Reviewed by Ardy Isma

Special to CSMS Magazine

The book is titled The Magic Touch, and it is about Magic Johnson’s life as a basketball player, playing for a team called The Los Angeles Lakers. In the book, he talks about the different challenges in his life.

First of all, he begins the story talking about his relationship with Larry Bird. Larry Bird is the basketball player that used to play for The Boston Celtics. Magic and Bird have played against each other 34 times. The record is 20-14 (magic leads the record).

Second of all, the book not only talks about him on the court, it also talks about him when he is off the court. When Magic is off season from basketball, he would help kids from the local community of suburban Los Angeles. He would teach them how to be a better basketball player.

Third of all, Magic talks about his life as a kid growing up in Lansing, Michigan. According to Magic Johnson, his mom and dad did many sacrifices to keep him and his family safe off the streets. His dad worked for General Motors and his mother was a school custodian.

Finally, while talking about his friendship between him and Larry Bird, his life off and on the court, his childhood in Lansing, Michigan, The Magic Touch is truly an inspiring book, especially for minority kids who dream of becoming successful some day. Magic does not only talk about his own personal successes in life, he also stresses the need for young children to empower themselves with education. To him, childhood reveries are quite nice, but becoming a basketball star is very remote. If a child becomes smart through education, he or she can have a bright future. So, The Magic Touch is a book to read.

Note: Ardy Isma is sophomore at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida.


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