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The growing power of self-publishing

books 1Ardain Isma

Few years ago, it was unthinkable to believe an author can go mainstream through self-publishing. Now, it seems the worries are gone—thanks to digital technology. Major book distributors like Amazon, Barnes and Noble are deep into the business of providing platforms to authors who want to go down the path of self-publishing. This also has put a lot of pressure on traditional publishers, not because they don’t have the financial power to stay ahead in an ever-growing competitive market, but because they’re fast losing monopoly over something of which they enjoyed almost total control just recently.

Does it mean self-publishing is the preferred choice? I still believe it is not, for marketing books and piercing through a sea of publications is not an easy undertaking. Moreover, most writers can only write, myself included, but are poorly trained on how to market their books. In my opinion, before you decide to go self-publishing, try as best as you can to find a reputable publisher.

Note: This article was first published on Ardain’s personal website: www.ardainisma.com  You can also read several articles related to literature.

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