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The Flower

Rose Wallpapers 3A flower in the middle of the chaos

Retaining all its beauty

Not having been touched by the darkness around her

She shines like the sun

She opens her petals and lets out her sweet fragrance

Attracting all around her

Giving hope to the hopeless and a smile to the brokenhearted

With no fear, she lends her hand and touches their hearts

For a moment, they feel ecstatic, blissful

For a moment, they seem to have reached the ridgeline of happiness

Slowly their hearts’ desires unfold

And, in a flicker, she is the prize to be caged in

Her freedom is threatened by those her petals have touched

Chagrined, her heart vibrates, but she is fighting it off

The way she best knows, but it’s not enough

For her voice is falling on deaf ears

They all wish to own her everlasting fragrance

Can she be contained inside a cage?

She does not think so

She wants to rise above the fray,

In the race to win her heart

Her fight has begun,

She must keep the dull darkness away the best she could

She will continue to shine as bright as the sun

To bring hope to others

As for those who wish to conquer her,

Her petals will continue to do their work

But they’ll be foolish to believe that she will be conquered

Her heart harbors only one desire

That is to be conquered by “love”

A love only reserved for the one

Who truly has the magic touch to send her silent heart aglow.


Claire Bijou, 2-14-2017

Note: Claire Bijou is poet and writer. She is a contributor to CSMS Magazine.

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