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The Blood Pressure-Banana Connection

By Maryse Isma Special to CSMS MagazineFeel your blood pressure soaring after a run-in with your boss? Take a deep breath, and eat a banana. According to physicians, potassium helps lower blood pressure. If you have a normal blood pressure, potassium will help you maintain overall good health.        Hypertensive patients can start lowering blood pressure by supplementing their diet with potassium-rich foods. What’s on the menu besides bananas? Beans, avocados and whole grains.

Give Garlic a Try

 Forget, for a moment, the jokes about bad breath. Heart problems are far more important—which is one reason millions of North Americans have discovered or rediscovered garlic, for their daily menus and in supplements. In both forms, garlic contains allicin and ajoene, chemicals that help lower blood pressure while reducing cholesterol—a nifty combination.      Some heart experts advise eating up to a clove of garlic everyday to promote heart health. It’s as helpful as aspirin, perhaps, with fewer side effects.Also see Important tips for heart disease prevention

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