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The 10 best performing artists of 2010

By Ardain Isma Jr.

Special to CSMS Magazine

As I review this year, I find that a lot of interesting artists had indeed a good year, shaking up the world of music, pushing it higher or lower, depending on which star we’re talking about—from T.I’s return to prison to Bibier fever, to the all mighty Eminem’s Come back year. The following is a countdown of the top artists this year, starting backwards from 10 to 0.

10.  Jay-Z: One of hip hop’s major kings had a great year despite the fact he didn’t even put out an album. He released his autobiography which became an instant New York Times Best-Seller. The auto-biography was critically acclaimed.  He signed Willow Smith –Will and Jada’s Smith’s daughter—the young nine-year-old star whose debut single Whip my hair has been a top-20 hit on the billboard charts the past two months. Jay is also working on a joint album with his protégé Kanye West that should come out in 2011. We just have to wait for what Jay-Z will give us in 2011.

09. Willow Smith: This 9 year-old is a perfect example of entertainment royalty. The daughter of Will and Jada Smith, Willow smith proved this year that you don’t have to be a grown up artist to shake up the world. But her cute look and magnetic smile and charm has won her way to the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

08. Alicia Keys: This past year has been one of the most monumental years for Miss. Keys. She started it off, marrying her long time boyfriend hip-hop super producer Swizz Beats.  Alicia also gave birth to her first child, a boy named Egypt on October 10, 2010.  Alicia was given the Golden Note award by the American Society of Publishers, Authors, and Publishers for having “career milestones” in her career.

07. Trey Songz: Tremaine Neverson better known to the world as Trey Songz shook up the world with his third album Ready which brought him mainstream success. In 2010, his fourth album Passion Pleasure Pain further solidified his stature in mainstream music. With four billboard top ten hit singles under his belt, Tremaine can’t lose. Trey also had a big sold-out tour across the 50 states. People just can’t get enough of him.

06. T.I.:  Even tough he went back to jail last October, T.I. still had a year most celebs would die for. He had the #1 movie in the box office Takers which grossed over 60 million domestically in the United States. He also secured two top forty singles “I’m Back “and “Got your Back” plus and top five debuting album No Mercy. The demand for T.I is overwhelming. He is following pure pandemonium. I believe once he is released from prison, T.I. will make a change for the better. His potential is just too high.

05. Justin Bibier: Bibier fever was all over the music sphere, TV, radio, you name it. This is a phenomenon that started since 2009. Justin Bibier must have been the most demanded artist this year. He toured all over the world, from the U.S to Japan. Everywhere he went, Justin was mobbed—a plectra of fans that would just faint at the sight of him. Justin’s star power is impeccable, truly a magnetic star.

04. J.Cole: Now, this young energetic rapper from North Carolina has caught the attention of mostly everyone in the industry. The best part about him is that he doesn’t even have a debut album yet.  His 3rd mix tape has gathered many accolades and was critically acclaimed. Many music insiders consider him to be a savior for Hip-Hop music in today’s modern climate. His untitled debut album hasn’t been released yet, but his buzz is so huge that he had to take the # 4 spot on the list.

03. B.O.B: T.I.’s young protégée has impacted the music world in more ways than one. Five Grammy nominations and he’s just at the spring of his career. At the tender age of 22, B.O.B already has two number one singles and two top five singles, an impressive record for a new comer who’s only been in the business for two years.

02: Kanye West & Eminem: No one had a more impressive comeback year than these two men.  Both of these men had the best selling album this year. Kanye West kept Nay Sayers at bay with the release of his 5th album My Dark Twisted Fantasy which has gained accolades from critics all over the world. Eminem proved that people can still buy his music with his 7th album Recovery.  This also proves that Eminem could still take listeners places lyrically where other rappers may find it very difficult to reach.

01 Michael Jackson: No one could deny Michael’s presence this year. It wasn’t more felt than any other artists. MJ made an estimated billion dollars this past year. His 7th album simply titled Michael is the top global album this year. The album sold an estimated 3million records worldwide on its 1st week. That’s impressive no matter what era in music it’s in, from albums to memorabilia, MJ is still at the forefront of it all. This is quite impressive for an artist who is no longer with us.

Overall, 2010 was a year to remember.

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