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Ten wonderful things for better-looking skin

By Suzie Eugene

Special to CSMS Magazine

Eating right is what doctors and nutritionists recommend. However, eating right not only has the ingredients to keep you healthy, but also it can make your skin glow. Of course, these things can be realized even with tight budget. All it will take is perfect determination. As we all know, motivation is the key to winning in any battle. Glowing skins increases self-esteem and sets the stage for greater success in life. Below are the tips to get your skin a beautiful makeover.


Water is the number one thing that you can put into your body if you want your skin to shine. The more water you drink, the more you flush all of the other stuff out of your body and the healthier your skin is going to look.

Green Tea

Green tea is evaluated as good replacement for water. When you’re not drinking water, you should be drinking green tea. It has many, many different health benefits including benefits for the skin. You can drink it cold or warm. Avoid adding sugar or milk to it if you want the best benefits for your skin.


Usually called another form of melon, cantaloupe is being recognized to increase antioxidants in your body which increases your ability to absorb free radicals which in turn reduce skin problems so that you have healthier skin.


Whether you take it as a fruit or a vegetable, tomato is another food that is rich in anti-oxidants and so will have the same skin-boosting benefits that the cantaloupe will give to you.


Berries are the prime fruits for the heart. Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are all berries that are also rich in antioxidants. Eat them alone, toss them in cereal or add them to the sides of other dishes to increase the healthiness of your skin all throughout the day.


Plum is just another fruit that will do the trick. There really is a long list of fruits that you can eat that are rich in antioxidants and that are therefore good for your skin.

Sweet potatoes

It is hard to find someone not liking this vegetable. This is a vegetable alternative to the cantaloupe and tomato options that you may want to try to get those free radicals flowing healthfully throughout your body and fighting off skin problems.


People hate broccoli, but it is one of the best out there. This is a great vegetable that has many different health benefits which is why you’re always hearing that you should “eat your broccoli”. One of the things it contains a whole lot of is Vitamin A, a vitamin that is great at improving the turnover of cells in the skin. This means that when you eat broccoli, your skin gets renewed more quickly and the freshest (nicest looking) skin is on top where everyone you meet can see it.


Spinach doesn’t just make you strong like Popeye. It’s also rich in the same Vitamin A properties that broccoli has so it’s good for your skin as well. You never saw Popeye looking like he had dry, aged skin did you?!


If you want to get your Vitamin A but you aren’t that big of a fan of leafy green vegetables then you may want to turn to carrots to improve your skin with this vitamin.

In all, having these food in your kitchen pantry is big bonus for those who to do it right. A positive look on the outside boosts your moral, gives you self reassurance and keeps the blood pressure to its normal range. So, it’s in your best interest to become not only a believer, but also a practitioner.

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