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Sweet Micky’s protégé chaperoned in the USA

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In a desperate move to gain legitimacy in the aftermath of his fraudulent elections, Haitian president Michel Martelly catapulted his sub-stooge to a two-pronged visit that took Jovenel Moise to New York and Miami. Eyewitnesses said Jovenel Moise, who calls himself the Banana Man because of his banana export business, was largely greeted with out-loud rebukes from  “Haitians who accused him and his PHTK party of trying to steal the Oct. 25 vote,” according to the Miami Herald.

The Herald goes on to say that “the Miami visit was much more low-key. Miami police, however, did thwart an attempt by a small group of Lavalas protesters who were told they could not demonstrate because they lacked a permit. Despite police insistence, one tried — singer and activist Farah Juste. She was briefly arrested and then released by police.”

But in Miami as well as in New York, the Sweet Micky protégé was chaperoned by groups of arrivistes and opportunists de tous poils et sans poils (of all hair and without hair) whose unique goal is to first seek acquaintances from Sweet Micky and his cronies, and second to refurbish their hope of securing a little shred of recognition from nonchalant and lumpen-bourgeois in the uptown world of Port-au-Prince.

Jovenel Moise, who is said to be finished 1st in the last presidential elections, is having a hard time trying to gain the elusive hard-sought legitimacy. He is looking for it on the wrong side of the riverbank.

Jovenel needs to seek legitimacy from the Haitian masses whose vast majority have shunned his candidacy.  His visit may have been part of a face-to-face interview to determine if he’s truly the best lackey to represent proxy politics in Haiti.

They can still install him, but his banana groves won’t be enough to protect him from an eventual popular uprising. History is always on the side of those who long for social justice. Haiti WILL BE FREE!

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