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Stony is back, refreshingly real

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Yes, Nouveau Départ  (New Beginning) is the latest from this young Guadeloupian songstress that never ceases to bring awe to the hearts of all Zouk fans across the world. Since discovered in 2010, Stony has gone from critically acclaimed to imposing success after success. Thanks to this energetic generation from the Antilles that has mastered this new music genre (Compa/Zouk Love), Zouk has found its way into the top and remained there at a sustainable level. It’s amazing.

Stony is truly one of this new band of protagonists, ushering the Afro-Caribbean beat to the height of its golden mean. Since releasing on Youtube back in July, Nouveau Départ has already been viewed more than 300 thousand times. Stony chante l’ amour Do Re Mi Fa Sol La  (weaving through love songs in Do Re Mi Fa Sol La). And with that, this golden honey has gone prolific, and her fans can’t seem to get enough of her. Let’s watch here:

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