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Stockton Real Estate

People who are interested in California should consider Stockton real estate. Stockton, which is located near the San Joaquin Delta, is one of the fastest developing cities in the Golden State. In fact, this city is the 13th largest in California. Situated in a multicultural and multi-ethnic location, the city has a population of more than 260,000 and is very accessible to other major cities because it is just 45 miles from Sacramento and 60 miles from the Bay Area. And being nestled along the San Joaquin Delta watercourse, Stockton is linked to the San Francisco Bay and the San Joaquin Rivers.

Naturally, those who are expressing their interest to invest in Stockton real estate would like to know if there are entertainment and shopping districts in the area. Well, you should know that the city is experiencing tremendous economic development and expansion. The downtown area, which is the center of the city, is being revitalized and improved. In 2003, the City Centre Cinema has opened its doors. Other establishments and projects in the area include the Stockton Arena, a baseball stadium, hotels, retail chains, and various housing communities. Stockton is also home to the Lightning Arena 2 Football, California Cougars Soccer, and Stockton Thunder Hockey. Development of additional entertainment and retail centers is also underway.

What’s more, if you are fond of rivers or any body of water, it may be a good idea to invest in one of the residential communities that can be found along the waterways of San Joaquin Delta. The price of Stockton real estate is merely a third of the cost of homes in San Francisco Bay area. Just imagine, you get almost the same view at a fraction of the price. Aside from the watercourses, the city is also environment friendly. In fact, the Sunset Magazine has named Stockton as the “Best Tree City” in the western part of the US. This is really not surprising because over 100,000 are being protected and maintained by the local government of Stockton.

If you want to live in a growing city with a hometown feel, then you need to strongly consider Stockton real estate. The city was designated by the National Civic League as an All-American City in 1999 and 2004. Plus, the educational system in the area is outstanding. Aside from public and private institutions, there are several top universities and colleges like San Joaquin Delta Community College, University of the Pacific, Humphreys College and School of Law, and the California State University Stanislaus-Stockton.

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