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Southeast Haiti on the brink!

lambert5By Michaelle Valescot

CSMS Magazine

Jacmel, Haiti—A stunning development is taking shape in Jacmel in the aftermath of the election results. Southeast Haiti is up in arms in the wake of CEP (Provisory Electoral Council) announcements, confirming Joseph Lambert AKA Gwo Lambert as the winner in the senatorial race. Lambert won the show over Pasteur Dieupie Chérubin. It was a bloody election season that claimed the lives of more than a dozen citizens in this part of Haiti. Lambert belongs to PHTK, the Sweet Mickly clan, and he had been using armed thugs to harass the population.

Since the announcement, Lambert is nowhere to be found. About a thousand people took to the streets this morning, demanding a complete reversal of results.  A mass mobilization is set for tomorrow. We’re working to publish videos of this morning demonstrations. This has shed some serious questions over the legitimacy of Pierre-Louis Opont, CEP president. It was the same Opont who confessed not too long ago that if it weren’t for Hillary Clinton, Sweet Micky would not have been president. In essence, Opont conceded that he is only a rubber stamp, such as the CEP itself—an instrument at the hands of those who truly control Haiti.

Note: Michaelle Valescot is the prolific journalist who reports from Jacmel, Southeast Haiti. Like us on Facebook. More pictures can be found there: www.facebook.com/csmsmagazine

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