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Seminary Schools Provide Religious Education

Seminary schools and colleges exist to provide religious education in the areas of philosophy, theology, spirituality, and religion in general. Seminary schools can train students for life as a religious leader in Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and other religious faiths.

The mission of seminary schools is to help aspiring ministers and priests gain a solid understanding of religious faith to prepare for a career in religion. The seminary curriculum will cover subjects such as pastoral ministry, philosophy, psychology, theology, languages and literature, family and culture, leadership, education, pastoral counseling, multicultural and intercultural studies, marriage and family enrichment, and many others.

Seminary schools offer training to assist graduates in their desire to work as assistant ministers, music leaders, missionaries, chaplains, educators, deacons, and church administrators. Seminary schools offer concentrated religious education for intellectual, pastoral, and spiritual development that can ultimately result in ordination into the ministry or priesthood.

Vocational seminary schools and community colleges will provide graduate certificates in specialized areas of religious studies. While most seminary schools offer graduate Master of Arts (MA) degrees in in religious studies, some others will offer only Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees. In order to qualify for enrollment in Master degree programs, possession of a bachelor degree is required.

College degrees are offered by seminary schools in many fields, including music, psychology, deaconship, pastoral counseling, education, and leadership. The serious student may wish to complete dual degrees, such as a seminary degree and a degree in business administration (MBA), for instance. An Associate degree from a vocational or trade school is good place to begin. A certificate program or Associate degree program would be perfect for those who want to begin a seminary education or for those who are already involved in ministry, but want to develop new skills and knowledge to keep current.

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