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Revealing CSMS Magazine Summer reading List

CSMS MagazineThis summer unlike the previous ones, there are plenty of books to read, and since we know it could be impossible to read them all in just one month, we have decided to put in display the most pertinent ones.

  1. Brother, I’m Dying by Edwidge Danticat (available everywhere)
  2. The Scorpions Claw by Myriam Chancy (available on Amazon and on most online book store.
  3. Heaven of Drums by Ana Gloria Moya (a gut-wrenching novel depicting the historical role of Afro-Argentines during the ear of independence. Also available on Amazon and on all online bookstores) 
  4. Alicia Maldonado by Ardain Isma (a biographical novel available on Amazon and on all online bookstores) 
  5. Margarita, How beautiful the Sea by Nicaraguan famous writer and former Sandinista vice-president Sergio Ramirez. (on Amazon and on all online bookstores) 
  6. Critique de la francophonie haitienne (in French by TonTongi). This is a well researched book attacking the underlying issues surrounding the Caribbean Creolophone Dilemma. (on Amazon , Amazon France and on all online bookstores) 

 This carefully selected collection should be more than enough to make your summer reading an enjoyable and an unforgettable one. Whether you are at the beach, at the park, or on the airplane, reading could be a great therapy as it makes your pastime painless and stress free while you are empowering yourself with more knowledge.      We continue to receive many e-mails requesting an imprint publication. We are very pleased by such demand. However, at the moment, CSMS Magazine is in position to make such move for we are still a non-lucrative institution. We are currently working towards enhancing the site so it would be easier for us to raise money to better serve our devoted readers.      Having said, we are sending special thanks to your continued support. Without that, we could not have been the institution that we are today. We LOVE YOU!

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