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Reality TV can be quite boring

By Falton Shiver

Special to CSMS Magazine

Whenever you watch TV, don’t you get tired of most channels? Most of them have reality TV shows. For example, M.T.V. no longer shows music videos except when it is sucker free that shows hip-hop and R&B songs. Other than that, it is Sixteen And Pregnant or Real World which I think are not truly good shows because who would like to have 5 people in a house that don’t know each other and get drunk and party every day?

I was watching the sports channel ESPN, and there is a show I was watching called The association Boston Celtics, and it was like a reality show. It shows us the players’ personal lives and what they do in their daily lives. That is considered a realty show to me. It shows what happens in real world.

Don’t get me wrong, now. There are good reality T.V. shows. Sixteen and Pregnant is a good show. It teaches young kids what to do and what you shouldn’t do. However, I think there are too much reality shows and many of them have no substances.

There aren’t much sitcoms anymore where you can learn how to sharpen your drama skills. In reality T.V., you do not need drama classes to make the show interesting. That is a bad thing because people are just going to use their acting skills just for movies. I guess TV networks found out they can save a lot of money in reality TV where they use few actors, if any. Hopefully, they will die down.

That’s just my opinion. Tell me what you think?

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