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President Joe Biden is under increasing pressure to deliver on his promises

CSMS Magazine

With his approval rating in freefall, Joe Biden has been feeling the pinch. He must deliver on the promise to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. But he is facing opposition from his fractured political party. And the problem is not the rejectionist Republicans, it is the belligerence of two recalcitrant senators of his own party: West Virginia senator Joe Manchin and Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema, an opportunist who turned her back on the progressive movement which helped her win last year, but now has sided with Joe Manchin to stall a bipartisan infrastructure bill that includes investments in an electric vehicle charging network and public transit and a Democrat-only “social infrastructure bill” that would spend heavily on clean energy.

Will the Dems listen to their constituencies and do what’s right? The next few days will be crucial.

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