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Perle Lama: the femme-fatale of zouk

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff writer

Just when you thought Perle Lama disappeared from the zouk world, the femme-fatal of zouk is back in full force with her latest single femme du monde. The single has reached the top of TraceTropical’s daily top 10 countdowns for four months straight, either at the number one or two spot. The song is also one of the highest requested songs in both NRJ GUYANE and NRJ Guadeloupe. Her new album Perle L Amazone which features femme du monde will be released in late January of 2011

Perle Lama was born in Fort-De-France, Martinque on January 20th, 1984. At the age of 14 she won the top honors at the exclusive JMharmony music contest in Martinique as an amateur singer. The prize was a recording contract with Hisbiscus records which released her first album Perle in 1999. The album had little success in the Antilles.

The second album Etc released in 2001 had two hit singles produced by zouk-producer Ali Angel Sweet time and Tournons la page. The third and fourth album introduced a new genre of zouk called neosoulzouk which is a mixture of r&b neo soul and zouk, The album Mizikasoleil was released in 2006, and it was an instant success with five top singles, including the club hit emmene-moi avec toi which went to the top of the Caribbean chart and playing in French hit radio stations in Paris and the Netherlands. The fourth album released in mid 2007 called emmene-moi avec toi was a remix of the hit single featuring four different versions produced by Ali Angel, Kaysha, and Nichols.

The fifth album Perle L Amazone which is set to be released in early 2011 features the latest single femme-du-monde written and produced by Perle Lama. The video for femme du monde has reached to up 80,616 views to date on YouTube alone. The song reached to the number 4 spot of Espacefm radio list of top 20 zouk songs of 2010 and also received the award for best song of the year in the Sacem Awards. The album itself features Kudro music from Brazil and the neosoulzouk genre. The album also has guest appearances from Kamnouze, reggae muscian Saif, and Shaba Tigre.

Perle Lama is an outstanding talent in the zouk music industry, and has been gracing the stage for more than 10 years. Perle is a quite prolific. Her Creole charm has never ceased to display each time she is on stage. She has the style and the magical talent to bring her fans to their knees. From an immaculate voice, seven top ten singles, and innovative dance moves, Perle Lama will definitely be gracing to the heart of music fans for many years to come.

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