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Olive Oil: the good stuff

olive oil bestBy Esther Diaz

CSMS Magazine

A recent study analyzed the diets of adults from Greece and several Mediterranean islands to see how olive oil related to aging. The authors found that those who used olive oil exclusively as their dietary fat had significant improvements in the successful aging index, which is a measure of age-related lifestyle, social and clinical factors. These findings were especially strong for people over 70 years old. Another study, published in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, had similar findings about the brain-protecting effects of olive oil. The researchers concluded that an extra-virgin olive oil-rich diet may improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by improving the body’s ability to clear out dead or damaged cells.

Cancer Treatment

Phytochemicals in olive oil may also block the formation of tumors by suppressing drug-resistant malignant cells, particularly in breast cancers, according to a recent study. New research published Nutrients found that oleacein, a component in olive oil, can reduce the growth of many cancers. These exciting advancements in cancer research are ones to watch, especially when they point to food as medicine.

Note: Esther Diaz is a health education teacher who lives in suburban Atlanta. She is our contributor.

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