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Nice Simon resurging

Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

After years of stagnation, Nice Simon is back and resurging. Thanks to “I love you Anne” version 2 renamed “We love you Anne.” It’s been ten years to be precise—ten years since the public was put in contact with this intriguing actress. It appears, though, her fans have never lost hope on this charming promising Haitian actress who along with Tonton Bicha, Don Kato and others sent many Creole moviegoers banana back in 2003.

But whatever happened to her since then? In an interview on Le Nouvelliste, Nice recounts her trajectory since 2004. She left Haiti then and emigrated to New York to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice at Berkley College.  She later completed a specialization in Business Administration. According to Nice, life did not seem to be so gentle to the actress who admits to having been a waitress at a bar in New York just to earn the much needed cash to pay for her college tuitions. This also has shed some light on the Haitian movie industry—an archaic enterprise full of mediocrity, raw exploitation, and mismanagement.  

Nice says she later works as a Social Worker at a prison in New York. In between, she had some movie gigs that she accepted just to keep her name in the spotlight. “I was married in 2004, but the marriage lasted one year. I have a 15-month-old son. I’m currently engaged to be married with businessman Yves Léonard.” Nice does not say whether her current fiancé is the man who fathers her son.

Nice Simon says she has recently returned to her native Haiti to manage a hotel of which she is a shareholder. Nice seems quite pleased with the release of “We love you Anne” which she thinks the montage was better organized than the first version.

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Note: Christine Jean-Pierre does book reviews and editing works. She holds a Masters’ degree in Fine Arts. She also covers Caribbean music. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

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