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New online publicity campaigns for writers

CSMS Magazine Staff writersBecause we usually promote literary works, we are routinely asked a lot of questions about how to do online publicity. This is a very interesting question. With more than five hundred million people who cruise the Web daily, a writer would certainly miss out if he or she does not exploit such opportunity. “Getting the word out online is critical to your book’s publicity efforts,” says Marketability With a Twist, a literary firm based out of Denver, Colorado.  Reporters, producers, editors and bloggers are all looking for an expert to contribute to their story in a daily basis. The bottom line is: a website is a must.And what does that mean? It means they are looking for YOU! Will they find you? We hope so. Please, make a note of this tip. Here is a one-page quick start guide to Creating and Launching an Online Publicity Campaign – Quickly and Easily. Well worth reading: www.howtomarketmybook.com/Resources/online-publicity.html or here if that link doesn’t work: http://tinyurl.com/2478ol                                                             Second tipAny writer who wants to succeed in the literary world MUST participate in writers’ conventions, forge links with others in the same field and subscribe to literary magazines like the Writer’s Digest. When you get home from your conventions or workshops, it is crucial that you follow up with all the great contacts you made. But how do you stand out from everyone else who is doing the same thing? I suggest buying a stack of postcards while you’re there. Write your follow up notes on them.              Everyone reads a postcard, so you know your note will be read—especially if it will be from a place they just visited. Your postage will be lower and your method of contact will be just enough different that it will be remembered. You should still send your entire packet (whether it is a brochure packet or a review copy, etc) but just let them get your postcard first. Repetition will help in this case.Finally, a writer needs to be relentless in his pursuit of success. Be persistent. Do not procrastinate. You know you’ve got the talent. Stay the course, and your day will certainly come.Also see Best tips for emerging writers

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