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Myths, proverbs, folktales and legends: true bases to develop one’s ideal culture

By Chantale JimenezCSMS Magazine staffMyths, proverbs, folktales and legends transmit cultural values and gives meaning to choice and events because they are symbolic. They respect the journeys of past ancestors, who helped to built and cultivate the culture that they belong to. Many people of different ethnic origins teach their children about their culture from stories that were passed down from generation to generation.In my opinion a movie that most clearly portrays the American character is “Dances with Wolves” because it shows the triumph of the human spirit and the embracing of another person’s culture. This movie was about an American solider who learned to look beyond the stereotypes of Native Americans, and embrace and respect their customs and heritage.He was able to see them as equals to him, and ethnicity no longer mattered. This American solider was changed because he got to experience someone else’s culture. A book that most clearly portrays the American character and culture is “The Things They Carried” because it shows the rawness of what it takes to keep America and the world safe. This book is about American soldiers who had to fight in the Vietnam War, and their struggles of facing death for an unworthy cause. These soldiers showed the true meaning of strength and loyalty to one’s country, and freedom itself. These soldiers died, trying to fight for the frail and weak, and race did not matter.The only thing that mattered was the preservation of life. I believe that immigrants who come to this country seek out freedom, life, and roots. They want to build a sturdy and permanent foundation for their families.            If I could create an ideal culture it would be called Foundation, because everything in life is build upon some sort of a foundation. This new culture’s primary values would be harmony within families, spirituality, destiny, and life itself. The hierarchy of Foundation would include a typical body of government, which offers nothing but democracy. Government officials would be chosen based on the needs of the people. Offices of government would be created if there were needs, which would require a leader to be in charge of it. And also basic and humane laws that everyone is required to live by. Foundation would offer its people the chance to live their lives on their terms, and to embrace what they feel they want. Foundation’s motto would be “to think and live outside of the box”.I believe that we are offered choices in life for a reason, and my culture would encourage the use of choice, and try to guide its followers to make positive life choices. My culture would strongly condemn someone judging another harshly without trying to truly understand that person’s point of view.My culture would celebrate any individual choice that a person makes, as long as it doesn’t result in the destruction or demise of someone else. There would be no law against any type of clothing as long as the appropriate body parts are covered. A person’s style is an expression of whom they are, and should not be restricted or judged.The import roles in Foundation would be the roles of caregiver, friend, parent, and leader. Each of these roles would help to shape and impact a person’s life tremendously. These roles would help to build a sturdy and essential foundation for anyone. The primary goal of Foundation is to offer peace of mind, and freedom to its followers, and to only enforce boundaries and laws to insure the safety of everyone.

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