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My Queen,while your mind may be waiting, and pacing…my mind is racing, and debatingContemplation of this Love-Gestation.Every slow song seems tospeak to “Me”, on my FM radio station.Every phone-ring seems towake me up, from my emotional-hibernation.Every rain-drip seems toFlip-the-Script back to me kissing your bottom-lip.Every clock-tic seems to remind meof you, moving your waist and your hips.¬†Every time-check seems to allure meto your neck and your nipples erect.Every last-breath has me questioning:”God is this life,… or destined 4-death?”So while your mind may be waiting, and pacing,My mind is racing and debatingContemplation of this Love-Gestation.My Dear, Be patient.¬†Ben, 8-21-01

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