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Midnight at Noon is making inroads

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This Sunday, the Saint Augustine Record will feature Midnight plus an interview with Dr. Ardain Isma. Next month, important interviews with several NPR affiliated stations have been scheduled, including Savannah, Atlanta, and some affiliates in the Northeast. Between interviews and other appearances, Ardain has been extremely busy promoting his new book and raising awareness about Haiti and its people.

Many people who read Midnight so far, they only have praises. The book is being critically acclaimed. The reviewer from the Saint Augustine Record described the book in one dazzling word: IMPRESSIVE! As the holiday season is just around the corner, let’s make Midnight your preferred gift to a friend. We want to land Midnight into as many hands as we can get. A good story, a beautiful, well-written book should make its way into the world stage. There is now one slogan: From the fringe to the mainstream, let Midnight shine! To purchase a copy, here is the link: Midnight at Noon

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