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Michaelle Jean wins the vote to head La Francophonie!

MichaëlleCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

She had long been the front runner, but her election was not as easy as many had expected. At the 15th Summit of the Francophonie this morning, Michaelle Jean defied the odds once more to become the Secretary General of the Francophonie, an important organization of which its main aim is to promote French or Francophone values around the world. Seventy-seven countries are members, and Paris is its headquarters  At the beginning, many African countries were uneasy about the choice because more than 50% of those who use French as their main medium of communication are Africans. This explains why there were some voices of dissent; chief among them was the French president himself, François Hollande.

It was not easy, however, to resist the charm and the intellect of this beautiful woman with such an impeccable wit. This morning, in Dakar, Senegal, Michaelle Jean was as flamboyant as ever. “You do not replace Abdou Diouf, you can only succeed him [to ensure the continuity],” said Michaelle surrounded by a slew of Heads of State. Abdou Diouf is the outgoing Secretary General.  

Michaelle was born in Haiti, but was forced to flee with her parents during the Duvalier regime. She was only ten. But her refugee status did not hinder her will to reach her golden means in life. She was subsequently star journalist, Governor of Canada and now Secretary of La Francophonie. Bravo Michaelle!  

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