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Michael Jackson’s This Is It hits the big screen

By Ardain Isma, Jr.

Special to CSMS Magazine                                                                                    

Thousands pour to Down Town Los Angeles at the Nokia theater last night to watch the premiere of This Is It, the Michael Jackson well anticipated movie. The Jackson brothers, Paula Abdul, Steven Spielberg, Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, Justin Timberlake, The Back Street Boys to name a few were at hands. It looks like the whole world wanted to converge in one place to symbolically mummify MJ. Even president Barack Obama had to request a special screening of the movie at White House. This is It is poised to storm the world. This will make Michael Jackson the richest man in death.

            Earlier this week Sony records released Michael Jackson’s new song entitled This Is it of the movies of the same name. It premiered at 12:01 am on October 12th.  It was heard world wide and the reaction was pure pandemonium. Even though the song was labeled as “brand new,” it was written in 1983 along with Paul Anka for his 1984 album A Walk in the Fine Line but was later shelved. It was eventually given to Brazilian singer Safire back in 1991 under the title I never heard.

            The version we hear today was found in a box filled with tapes that was discovered after MJ’s death. It only had Michael’s voice and a piano accompaniment in the original version. It was re-mastered digitally with added instruments along with backing vocals by The Jacksons. The song is a slow love balled that describes a relationship that is now coming to a close. The whole arrangement of the song is simply wonderful because it allows the listener to hear how well of a vocalists Michael Joseph Jackson really is. His voice really shines through the chords, and you can hear his voice soar.

            The song will play at end credits of Michael Jackson’s film This Is It, a touching goodbye to the one-and-only king of not just pop but of music as a whole entire entity. With that being said the song embodies what Michael Jackson is in death as he always was in life: pure greatness.

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