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Miami Heat Miraculous Win

By Ardy Isma

Special to CSMS Magazine

Miami Heat takes the series three to one, and now the team has the greatest chance of winning the championship. If we want to believe in statistics, we can surely say that the remaining game will be just a matter of formality. But it wasn’t easy for the team. Last night’s game was brutal. Two key players, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat were injured after falling down at the beginning of the game. Lebron James fell down towards the end. They could’ve been injured more severely. I guess they were lucky.

Dwyane Wade looked hurt after he received a block from Oklahoma City’s power blocker Serge Ibaka, which caused the Heat captain to fall hard on the ground. Then, late in the fourth quarter of the game, Lebron James had cramps on his legs, which caused him to be escorted out of the game. But he came back and shot a three-pointer and sat back down again.

Oklahoma City’s small forward Kevin Durant looked heartbroken after the third straight lost from the Miami Heat, this series. In the history of NBA finals, there has been no team to be able to come back from a three-to-one deficit. The other sad part of the Oklahoma City Thunder team is that they are without home advantage, next game. They still have to play against the Miami Heat at their home court in Miami, Florida. If they lose, it is over. But a win will carry the teams to a game 7.

Note: Ardy Isma is a sophomore at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida.


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