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Miami Heat firmly maintains its title

By Dandy Isma

Special to CSMS Magazine

In defeating the Indiana Pacers in game one, Miami Heat still maintains its firm grip on the NBA. The team did not disappoint its fan. With only 2.2 seconds left in overtime there was only one thing for Lebron James to do: get the ball from Shane Battier and go straight to the rim. That was exactly what the MVP of the NBA did. Shane Battier inbounded the ball to Lebron and Lebron quickly scored on a left-handed layup, granting Miami the win in the box score.

Pacer coach Frank Vogel on the last play sat 7foot2 center Roy Hibbert down to put in reserve Tyler Hansborugh to in order to better match up with Miami’s Chris Bosh. Coach Vogel’s plan failed because Lebron simply had other plans, which were to take the game into his own hands.

Miami Heat Captain Dwyane Wade fouled out with six fouls and couldn’t do anything but to sit on the bench and watch his team try to win the game without him. With a timeout called by Miami Heat head coach Erik Spolastra, Dwyane walked over to Lebron and whispered in his ear to just say, “Win this game for me.” Which Lebron promptly did, the game was a hard fought one. Dwyane Wade and the Heat had some hard fought possessions to capture this win but it was a good game nonetheless.

The series continues tomorrow night at 8:30 P.M. on TNT. After the events that took place in game one, I am sure game two will be just as action-packed.

Note: Dandy Isma is Psychology Major at University of North Florida. He lives in suburban Jacksonville. He is a sport commentator for CSMS Magazine.

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