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Merry Christmas!

merry christmasCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

The holiday season is edging to a close, but not before we greet Santa and his Rudolph and his sleigh filled to the brim with dazzling gifts—only for those who have been nice, not naughty. This year, the season has had a spectacular head-start. It may have been because so many hearts were crushed, so many hopes were dashed, forecasting a bleak future growing bleaker by the day. One wonders if Santa will ever be able to find enough gifts for all these hungry, deprived and completely forgotten children across the globe. Will Santa ever make his way through the shantytowns of Haiti, the slums of Brazil, the war-ravaged cities of Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Yemen etc…?

In CSMS Magazine, we’re not convinced because it’s obvious Santa only goes to the Land-of-Plenty, where Santa-mania has long been a tradition. In every exclusive shopping mall, window-shoppers, bargain-hunters, and sneaky sellers along with the Christmas carols—blasting the airwaves—morph to create a surreal atmosphere. This is a well-crafted hoax, in our opinion, used to coax buyers into emptying their wallets.

Yet, it‘s a fantasy world—mind-blowing, fabulous, thrilling, phenomenal, breathtaking…..Yes, it’s also the time when stray family members close ranks, when competitors and enemies bury their hatchets. Christmas is the time when love and affection are truly intertwined. It is to this understanding that CSMS Magazine wishes all of its readers a Merry, Jolly Christmas!

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