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Marco Rubio tells the world he wants to be president

rubio mCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

His conservative credential notwithstanding, the junior senator from Florida announced yesterday that has entered the race to conquer the White House. Opportunist par excellence and staunchly reactionary, Rubio’s message as the son of immigrants sounds out of touch with many of first generation of Cuban-Americans whose parents immigrated to this country in search of a better life. At first he said was for amnesty on behalf of illegal immigrants, then he switched the rational, saying he now favors tough border patrol.

Yesterday, he presented himself as the candidate of the future, but yet he sounded stuck deep in the past as he snapped at Barack Obama’s new overture towards Cuba—something Cuban-Americans of his generation overwhelmingly favor.  

Between now and 2016 anything can happen, but Rubio—according to experts and pundits alike—is far from making the consensus within the Republican Party establishment and the Tea Party with which he flirted in his early years as a traditional politician. The Tea Party is reluctant to offer him lip-service. They seem to favor Texas senator Ted Cruz who is also a Republican Primary contender. We’ll see.

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