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Managing our daily stressors

By Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Industrial societies, without a doubt, offer ample opportunities for individuals who would otherwise be living on the fringe. If one goes to school, graduates, and becomes a professional, he will certainly be productive in his field of study. With a secured paying job, he equally secures his own lot in the “collective dream.” So, the story goes. In fact, not only it’s how the never-ending tale goes, it’s also what every parent yearns for his child. Failure to accomplish these strategic tasks could result to a feeling of under-achievement, low self-esteem, and even total social shun. Some parents simply sidestep their children’s childhoods, in favor of a rigid educational process.

I always have said education is the key to success in life, and this statement will forever maintain its altruistic meaning. No doubt. Too often, however, we tend to overlook the pure essence of why we want to better ourselves. Life is nothing but an intricacy of social trivia, and we can only live it once. Since the day one was born, he’s been heading towards one direction. Like flowers that sprout, bloom, wither and die, we spring, grow, mature and ultimately die. What makes us different from a plant is that human species, with its cognitive ability, shape the course of history, and everyone’s lifetime has the potential to be part of this shaping process. But, to what price?      

I’m no lazy lad, and Haitian resilience, worries and pride run deep through my veins. I’m acutely aware of all the nightmarish elements of life in America—one of the most violent societies in the industrial world. Don’t take my words for it. Watch your local news. The level of violence has reached an unbelievable pitch—enough to cripple one’s heart and usher a phobia for all social gatherings. 

Is success priceless? If it isn’t, we must understand that above and beyond all strategic catch lies an immeasurable price: The stress level. It comes with an all-nighter one has to pull ahead of a final exam for school. It comes with a child who rebels and becomes slack-offish. It comes with a cold-hearted supervisor at work who’s determined to turn your life into a living hell. It comes with a fiancé who goes off without a trace. It comes with trying to beat the rush-hour traffic going to and from work. The list goes on and on…         

How do we overcome our stressors? Some people, who are very industrious, try to break free from the norm by creating their own ventures. That too doesn’t come without a price, and the price is the ever-mounting stressors to stay ahead of the curve. Experts say the only way to keep your stress under control is to maintain a positive attitude, even when things look dire and the end doesn’t seem near. Don’t let vicissitudes in life consume your mind, body and soul.

Every time adversity strikes, take it with stride. Keep in mind it’s only temporary. Say to yourself: Does it matter six months from now? Focus on what brings awe to your heart: maybe reading, listening to your favorite songs, and most importantly exercising. Yes, exercising forces blood to flow through your brain and also bring the positive attitude truly necessary pour bien gérer votre quotidien. (To better control your daily living) So my friend, try these tricks and let me know.

Dr. Ardain Isma is editor-in-chief of CSMS Magazine. He teaches Cross-Cultural Studies at the University of North Florida (UNF). He is a scholar as well as a novelist. He may be reached at:publisher@csmsmagazine.org

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