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Make “Midnight at Noon” your number one Christmas gift

Midnight Holiday CoverCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Every year, we fill Santa sleigh with a mountain of gifts. We create a list and check it multiple times to make sure we award a gift to all friends and family members who have not been naughty, but nice throughout the year. This year, CSMS Magazine is asking all its fans and friends to choose Midnight at Noon as their prime gift for this holiday season. Place it at the top of your list so that Midnight will not be overlooked as you’re making that list and checking it twice. Make Midnight at Noon your number one holiday gift to a friend. It would be a gift of a life time. It is doable and durable. It will strengthen the mind and give you new reasons to be humble in life. Midnight at Noon: one of the best written Caribbean novels. Click on this link: Midnight at Noon

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