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Lots of Praises for Ardain Isma!

ardain and maryseCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Praises for Ardain Isma’s Midnight at Noon continue to grow. Here is what professor Carrol Coates says:
“As I read MIDNIGHT AT NOON, I had the sense of belonging to the community of peasants and merchants in northern Haiti. A reader cannot repress indignation at the machinations of the local police chief and anger increases in scenes where dictator Ti-Jean becomes increasingly strident in his desire to put down the revolutionary movement at any cost. Ardain Isma evokes recent social ferment and historical realities, tying them carefully into the geography of the Northwest in a gripping narrative of Haiti’s continued struggle to organize democratic government and infrastructures. He is a master story-teller.”

Note: Carrol Coates is a distinguished professor of Comparative Literature at Binghamton University, New York, who translated Compère Général Soleil of Jacques Stéphen Alexis.

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