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I stared from a distance.I`d walk a mile to get a glance.Hypnotized by your eyesI`d jump at the chancefor a word of hello.”How you’re doing?” could make my day.I dreamed of the timeyou would finally look my way.Beautiful as a shiny star in the night with brown sexy eyes,a walk of authoritysecure and fly,Your up right chestdemanded looks when you walked.To bask in your glory was every man’s wish.Even mine, I won’t lie.Your looks were tempting and divine.Your smooth soft looking skin sent tingles down my spine.We exchanged numbers, andI finally got my chance.Amazed and in disbelief, my mind was in a trance.We kicked it that day,ended up at her house.Yeah, she was used to the game.She said and “I heard all the linesIn fact I could write the book”but when I threw mineyou became shook.Ben, March 2008

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  1. Going to see Ronski Speed Tonight. Its gonna be stunning. There playing with Christopher Lawrence. Then next saturday ill be seeing Bobina. great nights ahead

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