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LES DEESSES: the new goddesses of zouk

By Ardine IsmaIf you haven’t been watching Trace TV, or listening toRNJ Antilles radio in Martinique and Guadeloupe for the past three months, then you haven’t heard about the new zouk girl group Les Deesses. According towww.ivoriantv.com, the members of the group are Lyla, Eden, and Philippa of African and Caribbean descents. The members first met each other through several singing auditions for zouk and French urban record labels in Paris. It wasn’t until the girls auditioned as a group for the zouk label Wumb Records that their career as a group was finally launched.             Because the members of the group are of African and Caribbean descents, it is easy to explain why the group’s musical influences are Kassav,Magic SystemPrincess loverKimberlite Zouk, and Theirry Cham. Their debut album, which will be released later this year, will feature productions from some of the biggest producers, such as Patrick Andrey and Jim Rama of Face à Face and Kamikouse. The album will also have guest appearances from KayshaTeeyah, and Jean-Michel Rotin.            Their first single was On a Changé, which was debuted on You Tube last February with an estimated of 22,000 hits on the video site. The video was then re-released in MTV France and other Caribbean music video networks in early March 2007. It was quickly one of most requested videos in MTV France’s video music countdown, and the single was one of the most highest rated songs in RNJ Antilles radio stations, in both Guadeloupe and Martinique.            Les Deesses is truly a group of young talented women with beautiful model looks, great dance moves, and wonderful zouk melodies with a hint of Kompa in some of their songs, such as their first single On a Changé. There is no doubt that Les Deesses will have major success in zouk music for many years to come.Also see Zouk music producers have turned into Kompa to boost record sales

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