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Ladies: know the rule to boost your chance

By Gyna Jean-Pierre
CSMS Magazine
It’s the trend—ladies yearning for online dating to cruise the many websites out there on the subject. However, there are some senseless mistakes a woman going online to hunt for the right shepherd to avoid—at all costs. If your fill out every detail about yourself on that profile, he has nothing to look forward to discovering about you! Some women may think, If I put everything on there and he still message me, he must really like me. Wrong!

Guys are visual creatures. Most men are only looking at your pictures, and if one likes what he sees he’ll instantly skim profile for sensational buzzwords like sexy, fun, passionate, etc., before choosing to read it. Other than how turned on he was by the photos and whether or not he noticed any buzzwords, he will consider exactly how much you write.

When a man logs in, he typically looks at dozens of profiles at time, and he’ll usually spend no more than just a few seconds per profile than he does with the others, he will lose interest and move on. Subconsciously, he is realizing that looking at your profile would require more work, and to him that means being with you would require more work than other women. Keep the profile brief: two or three sentences, tops, and light on the really personal details. Let a man get to know about you the old-fashion way—in person. Tell him about your career, your family, and your life after you’ve met face-to-face.
Note: Gyna Jean-Pierre is a creative writer. She is the author of several essays on women in the Caribbean. She lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

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