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Ladies, don’t sell yourself short

black coupleBy Gyna Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

A few tips on the eve of Valentine ’s Day.

Don’t sell yourself short. If a guy appears to be into you, don’t give him reasons why he shouldn’t be. Check your baggage at the door, or at least stow it in an overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. When you are first dating a guy, it’s not a good idea to unload all of your problems, demons, and struggles on him all at once. If something negative comes up in the conversation, keep the discussion light, and focus on how it impacted you in a positive way. This advice is important, so please don’t take it for granted. I’m sure you’ll agree the door swings both ways here. We live in a world where everyone expects instant gratification.  

We obsess if people don’t respond to our texts right away, or if our schedules prevent us from seeing each other when we want. When you’re starting to date a guy it’s crucial to focus on how it will work, instead of why it won’t. Whether you live on opposite sides of the city or in different cities altogether, or you have pets or children who need to be considered, or you’re saddled with allergies, phobias, or meddlesome exes or family members, you must spin the situation in such a way the he thinks, This is how it could work, rather than This is why it won’t.

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