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Keep your love alive, read these tips

By Gyna Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Many people simply do not know how to maintain a healthy relationship. They love their partners to the core, but their negative attitudes and their awkward demeanors do not allow them to be the quintessential romanceros they have always dreamed of. This kind of attitude finds its way more in men than in women. Men tend to be very macho when it comes to dealing with the ones they truly love. To a lot of men, machismo speaks of strength and, according to their creed, only women are supposed to adopt a dovish attitude to maintain a healthy relationship. So, I have put together 21 tips to help you keep your love alive. Hope you’ll enjoy the tips.

Hold hands at the movies

1. Lock arms together when taking a stroll walk slowly and enjoy a conversation.

2. When the fall colors are at their brightest, rent a convertible and go for a ride.
It is a good time for a picnic too.

3. Sing a love song when you are in the shower.

4. Encourage each other to talk about the events in your day.

5. Always close enough so that you can touch each other if one of you want to.

6. There is no such thing as the wrong time to say, “I love you” say it with
conviction—say it often.

7. Let her vent freely about what is on her mind whenever she needs to relief the

8. When holding hands, squeeze three times to say “I love you.”

9. Share good news with each other first.

10. Avoid withholding bad news. It is best to just get it out and get it over with.

11. Be honest about what you are feeling and be willing to share all of your feelings.

12. Take care not to minimize each other’s feelings.

13. Demand nothing from each other, and gratefully accept whatever is given.

14. Expect to receive no more than you are willing to give.

15. Whenever you leave the house, always explain where you are going and when you expect to
be back.

16. Be sure you keep your cell phone on when you are a part of each other.

17. Call as soon as you realize you will be later than you expected.

18. Find a reason every day to call and say, “hey there. I miss you.”  “I love you” would not hurt either.

19. Never mock or make fund to each other.

20.  Try not to be the center of attention share the spotlight.

21. Strive to give more to the relationship than anything else in your life.

Note: These tips were taken from a Stacy Morris’s article, the marketing editor for The Morning Eyes www.themorningeyes.com .

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