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Kanye West: part 2, the story continues

By Ardain Jr. Isma

 Special to CSMS MagazineWhere I left off last time, Kanye was riding high off the success of his then latest project Late Registration. It was two years ago. Now fast-forward two years later, Kanye is still # 1 in the music industry. Last September, he beat Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in terms of record sales. He sold 950,000 copies from September 11th to that following Wednesday, a week later while 50 Cent sold 650,000 copies in the same week. Still these are good numbers, but nothing comparable to Mr. West’s success. Kanye is definitely on the road to being hip-hop’s next big legend.Kanye has definitely had his hands full these past two years, especially after the devastating loss of his mother. The loss of his mom hit Kanye hard. While promoting his latest albumGraduation, the whole world watched as he broke down in tears while performing his hey mama.  A song he did on his last album Late Registration before his mom past away. Kanye used to love to play that song for his mom in appreciation for giving him life. But now it gives him pain and misery. During the 2008 Grammies, he also performed the song Hey Mama. In a legendary style performance, one could feel the emotions coming through his voice. His eyes turned red and moist, sending chill to the veins of many in the audience.  This is definitely one of Kanye’s most grueling times in his career and, most importantly, his life.            On a brighter note, Kanye’s latest album Graduation had the highest sales debut of the year 2007. Rolling Stones magazine and other publications gave the album mostly positive reviews. Critics say Graduation is Kanye’s best album yet. “Every album I’ve heard from him so far, he seems to be getting better and better with his lyricism. Not every rapper could do that,” says Roberts Claining, a young fan from Daytona Beach, Florida. Even Nasir Jones, the great New York emcee, hasn’t rapped like his fresh rap debut Illmatic since 1994. Kanye has been proving to the critics and listeners alike that he is definitely one of hip –hop’s greatest prodigies. MTV recently debated on who is the hottest rapper in the rap game during the last six months, and Kanye West was voted number one.              A lot of people are saying Kanye West is one of the public’s favorite hip–hop artists for rapping about serious issues and politics alike. Kanye West has already broken record sales with all three of his albums. Kanye has also had many successes on his Glow In The Dark tour. It was one of the most successful tours this year so far in 2008. Not only has his rapping skills gotten better, his production skills has also increased. This year alone, he produced songs for Madonna, Cold Play, Lil Wayne, T.I., LLCOOLJ, and Chris Brown.             In a world filled with bootleggers and low record sales, Kanye West still seems to sell in the volumes of millions of listeners around the world. How long will Kanye rule the hip-hop throne? That question can only be answered in time to come. Until then, we are sure Kanye will give his fans a few more classics before he is ready to give up the rap throne.     Also see Kanye West: A Unique rapper Chris Brown: R&B Elite singer Milca: New Haitian diva crowned in Paris while Konpa is breaking new groundsWyclef Jean: An Artist With A MissionTyler Perry: A success storyRobyn Rihanna Fenty: A shining starAmerie M.M. Rogers: The R&B Princess

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