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Julissa Bermudez on the road to greater success!

CSMS Magazine

Interviewed by Popstar, Julissa confirms that hosting for her “was definitely a detour.” The actress who always thought theater would be her main focus, finds herself booking The Roof on MUN2/Telemundo international. She immediately fell in love with hosting. “So many young girls would stop me in the street and tell me they felt proud to see someone they can relate to on TV. And from that moment on I knew it’s something I wanted to continue getting better at.” And what is she currently doing? Currently, I’m touring with Steve Madden, the shoe designer. So you might catch me in a city near you. It’s so much fun to be able to tour with a DJ and a designer who I grew up wearing. Plus, it gives me an outlet to meet my fans in different cities and sometimes places I wouldn’t imagine visiting otherwise. My most recent charity work can be viewed at GlobalGrind.

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