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Jeb Bush calls it quit!

CSMS Magazine

jebaIn a presidential race that has been quite unforgiving for Jeb, the former Florida governor decided tonight to end his campaign. He came in to the race with more than 100 million dollars under his belt. But, it didn’t take long for Jeb to be perceived as the nerdy face of what his older brother George W. Bush described as “compassionate conservatism.” On top of his clumsy or awkward political mishaps, he had the gruesome years of the Bush era weighing heavily on him like a haunting ghost he could never get rid of. His super packs have long withheld their money, but still hoped Jeb could stage a comeback. He never could; and tonight’s finish, in the single digits, was the last draw.

Jeb Bush has long been resorted to flying commercial. That was how bad things had become for the man who positioned himself, not too long ago, as the stander bearer of the Bush Republicanism. During the last few weeks, Jeb Bush sought to reignite his campaign by bringing along, on the trail, the old guard of the Republican party, from John Sununu to his mother Barbara to big brother George, one of the most despised American presidents in modern history. In pundit land, this was quickly interpreted as an act of desperation. Tonight in South Carolina, the bible-belt state, Jeb’s train has run out of steam. He never had a chance.  

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